Penis Extender Reviews by Dr. Jesse Martinez

Hi guys, my name is Dr. Jesse Martinez and I’m going to review the most popular penis extenders on the market.

Trying to pick which penis extender to buy?

You’re in the right place.

I’ll give you the best one plus my top 3 recommendations.

Penis Extender Prices

Penis extenders typically cost between $150 and $300.

That’s a lot of money, so you have to consider your budget.

Here are the most well-known extenders and their prices:

Brand Reg. Price
PhalloGauge $115
SizeGenetics $250
X4 Labs $200
Phallosan $339
PeniMaster Pro $325
SizeDoctor $350
Jes Extender $200

The table shows the base price of each extender.

Usually, the vendor offers different packages / accessories that you can buy with these extenders, so the price varies and might actually be a bit higher than expected.

Penis stretchers are pretty expensive.

As you can see, they will cost more than $100.

Some even go as high as $300!

Expensive Price of Extender

At $339 (not including shipping) the PhalloSan is one of the most expensive extenders are the market.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which device you use.


Because all that matters is:

A quality penis extender does the following:

  • It doesn’t slip off.
  • It’s comfortable.
  • It’s hidden (People can’t see it bulging through your pants).

Most extenders on the market can do these 3 things, no problem.

However, now the price is the biggest issue.

        Penis Extender Price Comparison

Penis Extender Prices

Penis Extender Costs Compared. PhalloGauge wins in a landslide.

Next, I will show you my top 3 best penis extenders:

#1 Best Penis Extender: PhalloGauge Extender (My Review)


PhalloGauge Extender

The PhalloGauge Penis Extender (Pulling Extender)

PhalloGauge was invented only because other extenders did not fully capture the three important qualities of an extender:

  • Must be affordable.
  • Must be comfortable.
  • Must be able to be worn everywhere (always hidden, yet mobile).

The two-rod extender system usually fails on points 1 and 3 above.

Rod-style systems were a good first attempt.

While they do have some non-zero value, there were definitely improvements that we made to it to guarantee that you can achieve success.

The PhalloGauge extender improves upon these points:

Things I like about the PhalloGauge Extender

  • The extender device is completely invisible and can be used in public.
  • It is a simple, but 100% functional design.
  • It does not slip off.

The PhalloGauge Extender consists of only two main parts of that take less than 30 seconds to put on and take off.

Most extenders (especially cheap ones from China) are notorious for slipping off, especially at the worst times.

The PhalloGauge addresses this issue by using a flexible, double-reinforced grip made out of a stretchy silicone polymer wrap that completely melds and grips the base of your penis glans for a fantastic grip.

double grip technology from PhalloGauge

The Silicone Wrap Part attached to penis.

PhalloGauge Extender Price

At $115, there’s no denying that the price of PhalloGauge is the best in literally the whole world.

Nobody can argue that.

The PhalloGauge comapny’s core belief is that extenders should be available for any man – if he so desires it.

Rich or poor, every man has a right to re-take his masculinity through penis size.

2. PhalloSan Extender Review

The PhalloSan is a penis extender that consists of a few parts.

The first part grips onto your penis using a vacuum-based suction bell.

The next part consists of a foam loop similar to the PhalloGauge extender that goes around the base of your penis shaft.

The last part is a belt that connects the foam loop and the gripping suction bell together.

The PhalloSan Extender Set

PhalloSan Forte

PhalloSan Forte Parts – There’s many.

Let’s go over the parts that the PhalloSan comes with.

  • Foam Loop – This will go around the base of your penis, just against your pelvis.
  • Mini Vacuum Plunger – This part creates a suction force inside the Suction Bell.
  • Suction Bell – A plastic chamber that holds the tip of your penis.
  • Condom Sleeve – This condom sleeve comes in 3 different sizes (small, medium, and large).
  • White Elastic Belt – A pretty standard elastic belt that is adjustable in length.


Phallosan Extender Parts

Here, we cut open the parts of the PhalloSan to see what it is made of.

Things I like about the PhalloSan

One great thing about the PhalloSan is that it provides a nice, comfortable stretch throughout the day.

Because the stretch is to the side, you have a little bit more flexibility and opportunities to wear it during the day (compared to rod-based penis extenders).

The parts look nice. The foam loop and elastic belt are particularly nice as well.

Another great thing is that you can easily adjust the force in the belt by adjusting the buckle on the elastic belt. You can even adjust the force while you’re wearing the device.

But There’s A Lot I Don’t Like About PhalloSan

  • It costs $339.00 plus $25 for shipping.
  • Spare silicone sleeves cost $26.90 plus $12 for shipping.
  • Spare protector caps costs $24.90 plus $12 for shipping.
  • There are only 3 condom sleeves and they might not fit your perfectly.
  • Using the bathroom becomes a massive chore.

PhalloSan Has a Sizing Issue Problem

Slipping Penis Extender

Slippage is common with the PhalloSan.

The problem with this happening is that the actual force pulled on your penis changes and you’re not getting the exact pull compared to when you originally put on the device.

Eventually, wear it for long enough after your glans has slipped from the suction bell to the middle of the sleeve, and your penis will slip out of the device all together.

Another potential problem is that the sleeves might not fit you (well). Remember, they have 3 sizes of condom sleeves (large, medium, and small). Unfortunately, the issue arises when the best fit is actually in between two of these sizes.

I remember when I was first starting out, the medium condom was too large for me (I kept slipping out), and the small condom was too tight (It kept choking out my penis).

Eventually after I gained some size, I was able to use the medium condom a bit more reliably.

Now again, some guys may not experience this problem – a medium-sized condom may end up being a perfect fit, so that’s just a risk that you’re going to have to take.

PhalloSan Has a Convenience Problem

No, the PhalloSan doesn’t affect your body’s ability to use the bathroom, rather, it’s the tasks that are required to take of the device (before doing your business) and putting it back on (after you’ve relieved yourself).

Think about what’s going on when you’re wearing the PhalloSan penis extender and then you have to use the bathroom.

You go to the bathroom, find a nice stall to get some privacy, and realize that you have to take off the device.

Ok, so you have to release the vacuum on the suction bell. Then you have to un-roll the condom and pop your penis out of that mechanism. Once that’s done, you can put that part off to the side, say on the toilet paper dispenser. Defintely don’t want that dropping into the toilet!

Next you have to take off the belt and foam loop. This part is actually not that bad.

Once you have the penis extender off and placed to the side, you can do your ‘business’.

Once finished actually using the bathroom, you can proceed to put the device back on. This involves doing the whole process in reverse, all over again.

So if you have trouble getting the PhalloSan to stay on – that is, if you’re one to commonly experience suction problems and slippage, then, you’re going to have a bad time. Not just once, but everytime you have to use the bathroom!

Quite frankly, since the PhalloSan consists of a long assembly process (at least 1.5 minutes, requires baby powder), you’ll find the process tedious and the is one of the biggest factors that causes guys to “fall off” and give up on penis enlargement.

PhalloSan Vacuum Bell Issues

This is the biggest misconception with the PhalloSan penis extender.

Some people like to believe that the prescense of the vacuum bell increases their length gains.

The PhalloSan’s clinical study also reported an average length increase of 0.7 inches over 6 months of usage – the same as rod-extenders.

Clearly, there is no benefit to wearing the PhalloSan if you’re expecting to get more results, or even faster results.

Again, this all goes back to the principles of hyperplasia and penis stretching – All you need to do is apply a stretching force for long periods of time (approx. 4-6 hours each day).

Adding a vacuum bell will not change this scientific fact.

3. SizeGenetics Review

SizeGenetics Set

The SizeGenetics Penis Extender (Rod Extender)

At the end of January 2012, I decided to try the Sizegenetics extender because it had a money-back guarantee and promised “no slippage” or “pinching,” which was the biggest problem with the other extenders.

Back then when I used it, I gained about .7″ of length.

SizeGenetics Comfort – Pretty Good.

The first penis extender that I tried was a generic one with a strap.

Although this generic penis extender had a strap, not a noose, there was quite a bit of pinching.

Both of these extenders kept falling off – not a great thing if you are sitting in class or the middle of a work meeting and it falls down the side of your pants leg.

Additionally, this generic extender kept pinching my dick. After 2 months, both became too painful to wear for more than 40 minutes.

I also used drink a gallon of water a day for bodybuilding, and it was completely annoying to remove and reattach these uncomfortable devices, especially in a public bathroom.

Also if you have to constantly have to remove the device, you risk dropping the extender in a toilet or on the filthy floor.

The SizeGenetics penis extender can be bought with extra padding for the area that holds your penis.

For extra cash of course.

SizeGenetics Part

The SizeGenetics Comfort Strap

For me, I think that the extra padding is essential to comfortably wearing this device. So it’s a little questionable why they deliver it seperately and at an extra cost.

SizeGenetics Extender Price – Hard to Justify.

So if you’re planning to buy the SizeGenetics, you definitely need to buy the extra padding – this bring the total cost to $349.95 before shipping and taxes.

Ouch. That’s a lot.

That price tag immediately scares a lot of guys away – make no mistake, $350 off the bat is a big investment, and a big risk to take.

The other extenders have a cheap plastic piece that holds your penis. Your penis naturally adheres to this piece which makes taking it off pretty painful, especially after wearing it for 2+ hours. It felt like taking a band-aid off an open cut. It was always a short, quick, acute pain- definitely not pleasant.

Nothing like that with this extender- easy on, easy in and easy off since your dick is surrounded with padding.

From feedback from the rest of the team and others, if you are uncircumcised, you pretty much have no choice but to purchase the extra padding (the full system).

To Conclude:

Penis extenders are fantastic products that can help with penis length gains..

However, picking the right one is a challenge.

We covered the most popular extender systems on the market.

If you’re looking for an extender optimzied for cost, comfort, and usability, your best bet is the PhalloGauge extender.

Otherwise, the SizeGenetics and PhalloSan are decent options.