Medical Doctor Review: Dr. Jeff Ferrara, MD

Dr. Jeff Ferrara, MD

Dr. Jeff Ferrara was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.

He is a medical doctor who specializes in Andrology, Urology and Penis Health.


He went to a school called UCLA where he got B.S. in Electrical Engineering.

Dr. Jeff Ferrara is and will always be a pleased and proud Master’s alumni of UCLA’s Engineering School.

After finishing his B.S, he started his Masters in Electrical Engineering program at the same school, UCLA, and quickly got his Electrical Engineering M.S. Degree.

His medical degree he received from The David Geffen School of Medicine – this is UCLA’s medical school.

At David Geffen, Jeff specialized in Andrology (Urology) and Endocrinology.

Dr. Ferrara Career Post-University

Medicinal Device Approval Consulting was a big chunk of Dr. Ferrara’s professional life.

Jeff has been a medicinal gadget expert for a long time.

Taking his designing learning from UCLA, he began working in the therapeutic gadget industry as an expert to enable organizations to get their medicinal gadgets through the FDA endorsement process.

He has therefore been helping organizations pass the CE Certification endorsement process in Europe.

The FDA endorsement process is a long process and complicated process which can take place between 1 to 5 years relying upon the restorative gadget item endeavoring to get the endorsement.

Jeff has effectively helped seven organizations and their therapeutic gadget items go through FDA and additionally CE Mark endorsement – a massive achievement.

Dr. Ferrara’s Career After Medical Device FDA Approval Consultation

He has improved the well-being of Men’s Health everywhere.

This isn’t surprising given his expert background in men’s health, and penis health.

The main way that he accomplished this was with his work with the STI HIV World Health Organization Conference at RIO back in 2017.

There, he invented a cost-effective condom for deployment in Africa.

But his biggest achievement came after the STI HIV World Health Organization Conference.

This was when he collaborated with companions, partners, architects, and contacts that he made at UCLA, to create and deliver the PhalloGauge penis extender product.

As a result, Dr. Jeff Ferrara earned a full-time tenure at PhalloGauge.

Jeff is the creator of the prevalent, broad restorative aides for penis augmentation on the Internet:

He is also a writer and editorial manager of the considerable number of articles posted on the medical health site called

He is currently one of the leading designers for the PhalloGauge group and as a result, has helped many male patients across the world.

Jeff and his group are continually hoping to enhance the PhalloGauge products by improving its design or making it less expensive, and always get positive feedback from their customers and clients.

He has significant commitments to the Quora platform on the subject of medical penis extender devices for men who are merely finding out about them.

His Quora answers have also helped thousands of men looking to improve their penile health.

Jeff is a noteworthy supporter of Quora.

My Rating of Dr. Jeff Ferrara:

As a medical doctor, in charge of Cypiapt Health, I rate Dr. Ferrara a 10/10 on his expertise and knowledgeability as a medical doctor.

Not only that, but he is extremely insightful when it comes to diagnosis and treatment.

I also rate him a 10/10 on his knowledge of the male sexual health system and penis health.

Dr. Ferrara is one of those doctor’s that comes in a blue moon.


Because not only can he take care of patients well, but he has the ability to invent and engineer and come up with solutions that can help a much greater magnitude number of people.

Any patient would be lucky to have him treat them or take his advice.

Contact Information

You can contact Jeff at the following places:

Jeff’s Personal Life

Jeff has two canines, a Chihuahua-Terrier blend and a Golden Retriever, and can’t wait to go home everyday to run long runs with them on Santa Monica shoreline in Los Angeles.

Jeff’s is a pooch sweetheart. That is all you need to know about him!

Jeff is the sterotypical beach boy who likes surfing in his leisure time.

Jeff loves Santa Monica beach.