The Ultimate PhalloGauge Penis Extender Review

By: Dr. Jesse Martinez

PhalloGauge is unlike any penis extender that we’ve tested thus far.

I was sent this product free of charge – I guess that shows how confident the guys at PhalloGauge are regarding their device.

This product offers a easy wrap that is yet effective waistline belt design that easily stretches your penis past its normal range.

No payment that is financial offered or accepted for writing and presenting this short article.

All statements are our own and are based on the opinions of the author – I currently do not make any commission off this review – so you know it’s 100% honest.

PhalloGauge Penis Extender Extender Kit Comes With the Following:

The PhalloGuage extender is really a penis enlargement product developed by PhalloGauge LLC out of Los Angeles, CA.

It was specifically invented by Dr. Jeff Ferrara, a graduate of UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine.

This too is used to apply tension towards the penis shaft and encourage further development like other extenders.

PhalloGauge comprises of three parts being primary

  • 1 waistline belt
  • 1 silicone penis wrap
  • 1 foam donut

Don’t let the simplicity fool you – Jeff, who works at PhalloGauge told me that a lot of thought went into this design to make it fully functional, but simple to use.

Jeff Ferrara is an industry leader in the medical device world and has helped multiple companies’ medical devices pass FDA approval.

Jeff also has a M.S. degree from UCLA’s Engineering School, so you can bet you know what he’s doing when it comes to designing quality medical devices.

You can definitely see the quality of the device for yourself if you buy it.

PhalloGauge’s Features

  • Completely adjustable.
  • Light weight.
  • Accommodates penis sizes from roughly 2 inches on up.
  • Manufactured in the United States of America – Los Angeles.
  • Belt, maximum length (outstretched): ~44 inches
  • Allows freedom of movement.
  • Can be used under clothes.
  • Belt, minimum length: ~14 ins
  • Materials: rubber, nylon, Velcro, silicone, and ABS plastic
  • Donut diameter that is inner 1.5 inches

What to Expect From the PhalloGauge Extender

I wasn’t sure what to expect as a result when I first saw the PhalloGauge unit. Nevertheless, it only took one attempt to realize that this system surely works and so it has some benefits being distinct other extenders; those advantages include the immediate following:

  • No more accessories to buy
  • Faster and easier modification
  • More freedom of movement
  • No including or adjustment that is getting rid of sections
  • No slippage issues

Here’s how you put this penis extender on your body

The step that is next to place the black colored ring around the base of one’s shaft. I found that it’s really better to put the band on first. It is because the band does not extend easily and is more work to get over the wrap. It is not a deal that is big I think my way is quicker and takes less work.

The instructions (which are located on the PhalloGauge website) let you know to put the penis with the silicone material.

NOTE: the nylon that is stiff found under the silicone wrap should stay static in place and aids in anchoring the penis.

Also worth mentioning is that this device fits really nicely under pants, shorts, or whatever. By design, PhalloGauge keeps your penis up against your body which in place makes using it very inconspicuous.

Once the ring and silicone wrap is in position, you link the ends which can be free. Make sure you position the clasp/hook correctly to avoid breaking or bending it.

Final modifications are made via the Velcro cycle on the hook end of the waist belt.

Honestly though, there’s no reason why this couldn’t be as effective as other extender since it basically does the point that is same.

IN USE. Using the extender is surprisingly comfortable. What seemed like a way that is strange extend the penis turned out to be a pleasing experience and with less issues than most extenders we have tried.

The only hitch that is potential can see whenever by using this product is making certain that your penis is extended equally in both instructions. This could never be a problem that is huge nonetheless it generally seems to me that it will be best to alternate directions with every use.

I discovered no faults with this enlargement technique and whenever you think it directly or down about it, pulling the penis to one side or the other just isn’t much different than pulling. For as long it evenly and the cells and ligaments are being stretched, that’s all you really need as you do.

Straps and nooses found on other enlargers may take time to get used to however so with this specific product. The PhalloGauge method of attachment just works and I never had any slipping or over tightening problems. Part of the main reason for its success is the surface that is big included in the silicone wrap; this holds the penis securely and comfortably.

Again, because of the way the system fits and holds you, it offers you style that is full. It is possible to bend, stay, and run or jog if you would like. Decide to try doing that with a extender that is conventional!

Why I absolutely love the PhalloGauge extender’s design:

Works well.
More comfortable than expected.
Simple adjustment.
Will not restrict body movement.

Here are some things I feel could be improved.

Hook hair seem somewhat fragile.

The Final Verdict

I truly am excited with regards to the PhalloGauge extender!

It’s additionally a enhancement that is definite similar stretchers that we’ve seen – much more refined.

We believe it is far more convenient than any other device that is extending ever used.

If they fix those few small issues with the device – they will have absolutely a juggernaut that will disrupt the penis extender industry tenfold.

Too long didn’t read: PhalloGauge’s uncomplicated, non-restrictive design in fact is to be considered if you’re looking for a great option to add length.

An Overview of Penis Stretching Exercises

By Dr. Jesse Martinez

Penis exercising is in the same way the name implies workouts that are specifically for your penis. Male enhancement and penis enlargement, through penis exercising, isn’t just a dream that is wet it’s a success story shared by thousands of men simply like you.

Scroll down to learn more about the penis exercises. Exactly what are penis exercises? Do they really work? They work when they work, how do? How do you start penis exercising? And far more!


  • Penis Workouts – Penis workouts work out the penis – literally. The same as other workouts for other parts of the body, penis exercises are made to give your penis a good work out.
  • Penis Make Up – The penis is made up of smooth muscle along with other tissues. Penis workouts work by exercising this tissue in your penis.
  • Lots of Benefits – Penis exercises provide benefits beyond just enlargement, when done properly.
  • Stretching and Expansion – Most penis exercises work by stretching and/or expanding the tissues of the penis. This is often done manually or with workout devices designed to assist you exercise more effectively and realize results faster.
  • Time Investment – Your penis exercise routine will need between 5 and 45 minutes every day, a times that are few week, depending on your experience level as well as your goals.


Putting it simple, penis workouts are those exercises made to facilitate modification within the penis. These exercises can give attention to strengthening the supporting, skeletal muscle tissue of the penis, like those in the ground that is pelvic or stretching and expanding the tissue regarding the penis itself, causing it to create new muscle cells. The same as exercises for other areas of your body, penis exercises develop stronger muscle muscle and encourage new tissue cells to form, increasing tissue mass.

Penile/penis workouts can vary from one exercise that is basic an enhanced workout regimen, consisting of multiple exercises. Just as in weight training, novices should never start out doing penis that is advanced. By starting with the basics in penis exercises and time that is constantly making your penis exercise routine, you too can take advantage of time-tested techniques that have actually led huge number of men to build up harder, longer, thicker, healthier, and more powerful penises.

Penis Workout Overview

The Jelq

There are lots of differing kinds of penis exercises. We’ll talk about each one, in more detail, below. However, in basic, most penis workouts use extending and/or expansion to create a more healthful penis.

One of the very most penis that is popular could be the jelq.

An OK-grip is used by the jelq, slid up the shaft associated with the penis, from the base to right prior to the glans. It’s an easy, but very exercise that is effective brings nutrient-rich blood into the penis, while also stretching it. It’s one of the first workouts beginning penis exercisers usually focus on, and is usually a element of perhaps the most exercisers that are advanced.

The Penis Pump

The penis pump has been around for nearly 50 years.

Not surprising, it is still going strong.

It is similar to the jelq in that it targets girth (thickness gains).

However, to really become a master at the pump, you should check out this Dr. Jeff Ferrara’s guide on penis pumps.

What are the Benefits of Penis Exercises?

There are many health that is sexual to doing penis exercises. The main advantage, for some men, is enlargement that is penis. However, it goes beyond that. These include advantages like:

  • A longer penis,
  • A penis with more girth,
  • Harder erections (ED therapy), and
  • More stamina in the bed room, simply to name a few

You can find also benefits which can be indirect come with exercising your penis. This will be increased self-esteem outside associated with room. Your penis may be the expression of your masculinity. It, you’re feeling good about your self when you feel good about. This may positively affect every aspect of you life – professional and personal.


The answer to the relevant question– Do penis exercises really work? – depends on who you ask. “Yes” – “No” – and “Maybe” are all reactions that are potential. Why such a variety of answers?

Of course they do.

If they didn’t work, why are men still continued to be grossly engaged about this topic even to this very day?

The Health Community Response

Members of the community that is medical trained skeptics. Like any expert whose job is based in scientific fact, they need a lot more than anecdotal evidence that something works, to believe something works. They need studies, performed in medical settings, with a diverse and test that is large with findings that are repeatable. Up to now, there have been studies that are few the effectiveness of penis exercises. The medical community is hesitant to state penis exercises work for this reason.

Although penis exercises have already been notably of a task that is underground men, understandably, have already been been hesitant to openly talk concerning the subject. The community that is medical starting to get sucked in. More studies are being performed, to show the potency of precisely performed penis exercise.

An Overview of Jelqing by Dr. Martinez

By Dr. Jesse Martinez

Here’s what expert Dr. Martinez has to say on this male health topic.

Jelqing Explained and De-Mystified.

Jelqing is a shaft-stroking penis workout that is stretching reasons micro tears in the penis tissue.

But what does Cornell U. have to say about it?

They say:

Jelqing is just a exercise that is basic which uses a firm, stroking motion to force nutrient-rich blood into the penis, while also stretching it, to improve size. This can be a simple, but effective, four-step exercise, performed as the penis is at a 50-75% erection level (higher erection levels can be used by more advanced/experienced exercisers).

Is There Proof that Jelqing Works?

Yes! It does!

In addition to certain communities that are medical jelqing, there are also huge number of testimonials on male enhancement forums that may testify their results.

Here is a proposed testimony on Jelqing from Cornell University’s medical school:
Jelqing has also gotten the attention of medical communities, like Cornell University’s medical college.

What are the Reasons for Jelqing?

Quite a reasons that are few

  1. It is pretty easy doing, it is possible to separate some of your attention on something else that’s light, e.g. You can view TV while your hands do the jelqing.
  2. It primarily targets girth gains (not length). Women choose girth for pleasure over length.
  3. But, some length gains can be observed due to the pulling-nature of the jelqing technique.
  4. It provides stronger, fuller, healthier erections.
  5. It promotes delivery of nutrient-rich blood to all of the penile tissues, that will be directly responsible to hyperplasia (increasing number of cells in your tissue that is penile)

Other names of jelqing (also known as jelching, jeljing, jelging, jeljing and gelging)

Jelqing is considered the most penis enlargement exercise technique that is popular. It is the beds base of most other penis enlargement exercise you can find anywhere. You can do it yourself or by your partner, with lubricants and with creams, normally and in heated water. It’s really a part of an erotic therapeutic massage but the key is control and scheduling that is right. If you make an effort to experiment with penis enhancement jelqing supplies the promise that is most

The Key Takeaways from Jelqing

  • Time eating, requires discipline, patience and exercises that are regular.
  • When done in moderation, safe with unknown side-effects.
  • A penis that is popular method, while it began with the middle east.
  • Widely reported become an technique that is effective of penis size

Probably with the origins into the middle east, jelqing comes from the term meaning milking in one single of the dialects of the region, and the action regarding the exercise reminds exactly of that, of milking cattle.

Apparently males have actually gained up to two inches in penis length or over to an inch in penis girth. An effect that is noticeable take control six months to achieve through regular training and patience.

A standard schedule for jelqs requires regularity and discipline that is mental. It can be done every of this week but usually done every other day for 5-20 mins day. Results (if any) may vary, and since it will take a complete lot of time, please be cautious and patient. You may harm your erectile muscle in the event that you begin jelqing every hour of every time.

The science behind the Jelqing Technique

The reasoning is these movement based exercises increase the known degree of blood capability during an erection, by stretching the tissue. The target is to exercise various other part of the penis to boost the circulation of blood throughout.

Jelqing is a workout that is simple involves consistently and recurrently pulling and stretching the flaccid and in the end moderately erect penis utilizing the thumb and index little finger to attain an increased ability within the tissue that is erectile the point of increasing the size concerning the penis.

If you want to learn more about it, PhalloGauge’s guide on jelqing is probably the best one on the Internet.

The exercise yields confidence and allows one to appreciate the distinction between a flaccid plus an member that is erect acting similarly to a placebo besides making men familiar with their penises.

It working also it seems that despite the lack of medical evidence (that will be being a result of the subject itself maybe not taken seriously, rather than the approach), the ease of use together with relative harmlessness of the exercise would suggest merit that is sensible terms of penile enlargement whilst it has maybe maybe not been examined empirically, the internet is filled with reports of.

Is it Worth it to Do Penis Stretching and Jelqing?

There are a few advantages to combining jelqing and stretching in the routine that is same.

Here’s the best benefits:

Stretching and jelqing in the routine that is same so that you can see slightly better and faster outcomes. It shall enhance you retrieve time. That allows you to get the maximum benefit from the training.

You are protected by it from over training your penis. This is more due to error that is individual. You training when your dick needs to recover is a great deal higher should you not jelq and extend in the same session, the chances of. This is a lot more of a mistake among newbies.

Cool, huh?

I’m sure you see how important it is.

For starters, it allows you kills birds that are multiple one rock or in one session. You are permitted by it to be efficient with your dick improvement training.

The Main Target? Girth

Prioritizing girth gains, means you should have to pay for attention that is extra your jelqing routine and doing more reps to maximise your results.

There is no more to it than that. You can stretch before or after you jelq. It is suggested after you stretch after jelqing. You penis extended by stretching since you can keep.

Girth gains will make your penis actually thicker and fuller. It shall also make your penis look much bigger.

A Solid Jelqing Routine to Follow

20 minutes a day, every day.

Quite a simple routine to remember – a little more challenging to actually accomplish.

This might be pretty important. To enable your self, you will need to exactly what your goals are so that you can build the proper routine. This will figure out what workouts you prioritize during during your PE session.

Nonetheless, it really is imperative that a objective was chosen by you. That objective shall define how you put together your routine.

In the start, your routines has one of three goals. Your will either want to prioritize length, girth, or both. Any of those goals are fine to own at first.